Kora Securities

Unlocking investment opportunities for risk averse clients.


Opportunities for investments in high interest rate environments

Kora is committed to establishing various property funds to meet the needs of the changing economic environment in a post COVID-19 world.

Kora can leverage its investment and construction experience to achieve a balance between capital growth, rental returns and delivering on construction budgets.

Middle market ESG and property investment coming together for all investors

Our Process

Unlocking investment opportunities for the risk averse investor

Kora is in the process of establishing various property funds to meet the needs of the risk averse investor in a high interest rate environment.

Our Approach

Property and Site Assessment Matrix

Kora considers three broad investment categories, combined with a feasibility assessment when evaluating an acquisition for any of the funds.

Our Process

Fund Investment

The Location

CBD versus non-CBD
Regional versus metropolitan centres
State and territory preference

Market Drivers

Economic growth
Population growth and demographics
Employment opportunities
Government policy analysis

The Individual Property

Age and condition property
Occupancy rate
Weighted average lease expiry
Zoning and title type
Escalations and outgoings
Potential future tenants

Feasibility Assessment

Revenue, cost and debt estimates
Return on equity
Return on investment


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