Development Management Services

End-to-end development management services across a diverse range of projects.

Our Development Management Services

We provide end-to-end development management services across all sectors.

We look to establish long term and on-going relationships with investors looking for joint venture partners to either:

  • Source and develop multi-unit projects collaboratively; and / or
  • Enter a joint venture once a third party has secured a project site.

Kora can enter joint venture arrangements and provide the following services:

  • Development management services including sourcing and selecting of site, feasibility analysis, design and development approval management, sourcing and selecting sales and leasing agents, management of financing options and sourcing and selection and management (superintendent) of a builder.
  • Project management services includes procurement on all subcontractors, establishing and managing project schedules, project reporting for the joint venture, risk management (Project and Joint venture) and site coordination.
  • Capital partnering services where Kora can invest equity into the project, convertible notes or lend under secure or unsecured debt arrangements.
  • A hybrid model that combines elements of all three services.  This can include equity contributions, development management services and project management oversight of the construction of the project.
Kora can be a development manager, project manager or financial investor in a joint venture.

Why Choose Kora

We look to partner and build long-term strategic relationships

  • We are flexible
    We are not just a developer, builder or investor: we can do it all. Our expertise covers all stages of the development process. This means we are flexible in what structure we enter a joint venture arrangement.
  • A systemised project management approach
    We have developed an end-to-end business process that enhances project delivery outcomes.  Using innovative technology, we have developed enterprise system architecture that eliminates manual process flows and multiple system usage, allowing for a streamlined approach that helps to improve value and allows for timely delivery.
  • Honest and transparent
    We prefer open book arrangements where we can provide project and joint venture reporting.

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