Construction Management

The Yurt

Mongolian architecture in the nation's capital. The Yurt Pialligo artfully infuses Mongolian design with modern living. With their circular design and spacious interiors, yurts have been the primary style of home in Central Asia, particularly Mongolia, for thousands of years.


AMC Architecture


Pialligo, ACT




Traditionally a portable, circular dwelling, the Yurt has been inspired by Mongolian architecture that dates back approximately three thousand years.

This custom yurt, designed with a modern twist, has provided a practical, cost-effective and spacious housing solution.

The roof of the yurt is the most complex part of the structure. The central part of the roof is called the crown. The crown is a ring to which roof poles, called uni are attached. The crown’s pattern of wood, reeds, or fabric can be handed down for generations. The khan and fabric of a yurt may be replaced, but the crown may last for years.